Streetwear with Ric Chaser

Chaser wear

Hello there! Last time I wrote an article about a couple of Zimbabwean designers we all should know. This week we are getting a little deeper.

One thing that nobody knows is that I was a tomboy growing up. I had a couple of dresses which were usually reserved for church while the rest were just jeans. Though I managed to become a girly girl through my high school years. I think now i’m combining being girly and being a tomboy, because if you had seen 10 year old me you could have thought I was just a cute boy because I had short hair. The point is I have always been drawn towards street style. Sneakers and track pants, T-shirts and hoodies have always made me happy and to be able to witness a Zimbabwean designer exploring street wear, it gives me so much joy.

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Trends to look out for

Trends can be overwhelming to keep up with especially in this digital age where anyone can make anything trend in just a couple of minutes. You have to be careful with what you follow and consider trendy and stylish. Some of the trending things are hideous and absolutely ridiculous but I will leave that for another day. I get caught up with what is trending globally and hate limiting myself to what is around me (continent and country wise). I look at trends from one continent to another. This widens my spectrum towards what is trendy and what I consider trendy enough for me. I have come up with a couple of trendy fashion things that I wanted to share. Since this is based solely on y preferences and test, one might not entirely agree with me, which is absolutely fine since we all have different tests.

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Thrifting: tips and advice

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Spending almost the entire day at Copa cabbana or by the tower bloc bending over in this scotching heat is the worst experience not to forget the big crowd. You don’t want to head back home with nothing after sweating and wasting your energy in vain.

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I have not always been a big fun of thrifting. In fact I despised it a lot considering how I do not like spaces with a lot of people but I was surprised with some of the cool pieces you can find there. Yes digging around for clothes can be tiring but honestly in this economy where can you best find affordable clothes.  You could opt for online shopping but when your currency is only valid in Zimbabwe it is pretty pointless….so definitely thrifting is the only choice you have, well at least what some of us have.

So I have a few tips for my fellow thrifters on how to thrift, the best places to go and when to go. These will definitely be helpful towards a mission that is nearly impossible for beginners or let’s just say for those who seem not to be lucky in terms of thrifting. Let’s get right into it. Continue reading “Thrifting: tips and advice”

Zimbabwean designer brands you need to know

I might have interest in international fashion designers and their brands, but I always want to look at those from the motherland Too. Zimbabwe too has amazing fashion designers and designer brands that are just overshadowed by the economic situation that the country is facing. It’s always important to support home-grown talent, after all my familiarisation can help me understand more about Zimbabwe’s fashion industry.

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Sustainable wear…going green

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Hello everybody! I know it’s already the end of February but one must admit that the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 was a roller coaster ride for nearly all of us. Since it’s now 2019, it also means new things for all of us. From new resolutions to goals, to adding new things to our bucket list, it has been one hell of roller coaster ride. This year, learning more about the fashion industry is on top of my bucket list. While I have been looking for exciting stuff to share with you, I found something interesting that can make a big change to you and everybody else. It is all about sustainable clothing or you can also call it sustainable wear.

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Self care, Self love

We all get caught up with our work and never give ourselves enough time to breathe or at least dedicate a few hours to our well-being. I do that at times. I even skip my meals just so i can complete all my tasks. It might not have any side effects to it but trust me sooner or later it might have a bad impact not only on your body and soul, but also your mental well-being. It is always important to give ourselves sometime to relax and take care of ourselves. So here are a few tips you can take. I have tried most of these tips and they have been really helpful. Continue reading “Self care, Self love”

Getting over my fears.

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for the silence. Trust me the silence even bothers me but well it is beyond my control since I’m so swamped with school work at the moment. I’m currently in my final year which means next year November I will be graduating. Oh and I will be 22 by then. As the title says, I have had major fears ever since I was a little girl, some I have managed to get over while some I’m still trying to get over. I know a lot of people are super afraid of heights and guess what, I’m part of that crew too but I have tried to get over it. Recently I took upon one of the craziest activities ever “Zip lining” (well crazy for a girl who has never done it before). I don’t even know what got into me for me to do such but, I’m super glad that I did because it was my first step towards getting over my fear of heights. I decided to hook up with my friends and head to water world for some fun activities. Continue reading “Getting over my fears.”